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Meeb Master

How to participate

Simply create your own Meeb memes, Meeb Gifs and post them in the dedicated #meeb-meme-party on Discord channel and on your Twitter with hashtag #MeebMaster #NFTgaming #p2e. …

AFK: Hands-free Earning

AFK stands for Away-from-keyboard, a special feature where players can earn…

Other stats: The more the better

1. AFK Stat

Easier than ever!!

Since our latest features — Wallet login and Profile view — have been launched, each user will receive a specific ID after logging in their profile. That’s the key to this event.
On September 01 the winner will be chosen from the lowest to highest prizes randomly through The winners list will be revealed later on our Twitter.

Massive Rewards!!

- One Winner: 1 level-1 NFT
- Two Runner-ups: 10…

Meeb Master

A Polygon-based real-time PvP game to bring NFT gaming experience to everyone.

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