Meeb Master: A Beginning

Meeb Master’s IDO event is about to open!

In a July interview with Forbes, Devin Finzer, the CEO of the famous NFT marketplace OpenSea, indicated that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the game changing technology with multiple applications in many fields¹. As the matter of fact, NFTs has become a popular topic not only among and blockchain-enthusiasts, but also more mainstream people, especially in the gaming industry. However, NFT technology is overwhelming to most people, causing their hesitation to embrace application. Furthermore, many NFT projects have made neither progression nor innovation in educating users about the technology to boost their confidence, but paid more attention in creating complicated systems to support their tokens and NFT marketplaces. Among the first attempts to bring NFT experiences to game lovers, Meeb Master is developed as an idle, easy-to-play NFT gaming experience that everyone can play.

Meeb Master is a Polygon-based real-time PvP game in which players can earn tokens through turn-based battles. Meebs are alien creatures brought to the Earth when a meteorite carrying Meeb eggs hit the planet. Soon, they thrived as if in their native planet. Meebs possess super power, making them useful but dangerous. As Meeb trainers, players can collect, tame and train wild Meebs, which are alien creatures, to make them more powerful. Each Meeb has a set of in-game and out-game statistics to indicate their abilities and distinguish their attribute, role and skill. The more powerful abilities a Meeb possesses, the higher chance to win a battle. Apart from offering the exciting battling gameplay, Meeb Master also allows players to experience the NFT technology by collecting, fusing and trading for NFT Meebs.

1. Gameplay

As the developer of the game aims to create an easy-to-play game for everyone, the game is based on turn-based PvP, which is one of the most popular and approachable gameplays. Players can assemble a team of three Meebs out of their collection to battle against opponents and gain MeeCoins, the in-game currency. The battles are real-time and automatic, meaning that players can enjoy them hand-free instead of minding complex multiple action combinations.
The AFK (Away-from-keyboard) feature allows players to gain MeeCoins even when they are offline. Each Meeb in a player’s collection has its own stats to farm MeeCoins. The player can claim the MeeCoins after a certain period of time, ideally a few hours.
Additionally, players can fuse any two of their Meebs to create a new Meeb. The chance is that the fusion can create a pure, stronger and more valuable new Meebs.

2. Meeb token and ecosystem

The attracting point of Meeb Master is that players can easily play the game and gain some earnings from it. This is a win-win situation when players can play to earn with NFT experience and the game retains players better.

Specifically, Meebs are the NFTs introduced in the Meeb Master ecosystem, which means it contains some sorts of property rights for their holder. As the owner of their Meeb collection, players can trade their Meebs with other players, buy new ones in the Meeb NFT market to expand their collection, give away as gifts or even use them as they wish.
Additionally, MeeCoins can be exchanged for Meeb tokens (MEEB), a Polygon-based token for the Meeb world. The more battles a player wins, the more MeeCoins he or she can earn, the more MEEB the person can hold. MEEB holders will be able to claim rewards when they stake their tokens, play the game and participate in governance. Specifically,

  • User can stake MEEB to earn MEEB with minimum 200% APR (50% of the whole ecosystem profit, including trading fee, vaults, NFT sale commission fee, fusion fee, in-game profit, etc…, will incentivize this pool). Trading fee: Fee to exchange between MEEB (on-chain) and MEEC (in-game)
    Vaults: Some LP could be used to farm other yields and then buy back MEEB;
  • Meebs can be purchased by MEEB tokens only, players are required to lock their bought NFTs to boost their rewards from the farming pools;
  • 20% of every MEEB transaction on Meeb Master NFT Market will be burnt (and reduce Max Supply permanently).

The developer of Meeb Master believes that the benefits can drive the retention of Meeb Master, which helps grow the Meeb Master community.

3. Meeb Master tokenomics

4. Roadmap

Last but not least, it is exciting that the Meeb Master’s IDO event is open this weekend! Claim your free Meebs as early gifts from us!

¹ Ehrlich, S., NFT Marketplace CEO Explains Why The Industry Is Moving Beyond Ideological Purists.



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Meeb Master

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A Polygon-based real-time PvP game to bring NFT gaming experience to everyone.