Meeb Master Celebration Giveaway: Winners Reveal

We are so delighted to announce that our Celebration Giveaway has successfully reached the end thanks to your love and support. No word could describe how grateful and proud we are, watching our community growing bigger and stronger every day.

And now, here come our luckiest users:

Congratulations on your winning. Since the number of winners is huge, the gifts delivery duration might reach a week, but we will surely keep it going as fast as possible and we will also make an official announcement once the transfer has been done. If you have any problem in receiving the prize, please contact the admins and moderators of our official social channels.

And even if you did not make it to the winner list this time, don’t be sad! We still have a lot of events ahead and there will be more opportunities for everyone. Prepare yourself, Meeb Trainers, and your time will come.



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Meeb Master

Meeb Master


A Polygon-based real-time PvP game to bring NFT gaming experience to everyone.