Meeb Master New Event: Beta Testers Whitelist Event

Meeb Trainers, or should we say Meeb Testers?

From Sep 14 to 19, all users will have a chance to express their thoughts and opinions about Meeb Master by answering some simple questions. Link to the survey will be posted on all of Meeb Master social accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Discord).

Link to our survey:

40 users who have the most sincere, constructive feedback will be chosen to take part in our testing process. You will have a chance to experience the job as a game tester: play the Beta version of Meeb Master PvP mode, identify bugs and report them to the development team.

In case it does not sound fancy enough for you: all testers will receive a little thank-you gift from Meeb Master which no one else has got before. Moreover, the testers who find any kind of serious errors will receive extra rewards from us.


  • Users need to own at least 4 NFTs in their wallet
  • Make sure to provide all the required information in the survey form, so that we can directly contact you if you are chosen.

Got something to speak out? Then your time has come!

About Meeb Master

Meeb Master is a Polygon-based real-time PvP game in which players can earn tokens through multiple gameplay. Meeb Master also allows players to collect, fuse and trade for NFT Meebs.
Join the Meeb world and build a powerful team to battle against other players!
Meebs are alien creatures brought to the Earth when a meteorite carrying Meeb eggs hit the planet. Soon, they thrived as if on their native planet. Meebs possess super power, making them useful but dangerous. As Meeb trainers, players can collect, tame and train wild Meebs, which are alien creatures, to make them more powerful. Each Meeb has a set of in-game and out-game statistics to indicate their abilities and distinguish their attribute, role and skill. The more powerful abilities a Meeb possesses, the higher chance to win a battle.
Throughout the development of Meeb Master, the developer team aims to create an idle, easy-to-play NFT gaming experience to reach their objective of making an NFT game everyone can play.

Join us:

Telegram for official announcement:




A Polygon-based real-time PvP game to bring NFT gaming experience to everyone.

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Meeb Master

Meeb Master

A Polygon-based real-time PvP game to bring NFT gaming experience to everyone.

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