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Hey Meeb Trainers, we are back with another article in the series Get To Know Meeb Master. However, we will do things a bit differently this time.

In this article, we will not learn something new yet revise the knowledge from the previous ones so that you will have an overview of all Meebs’ basic elements and their impact on the overall power of the Meebs.



A Meeb is categorized in 1 of 7 Attributes, including Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Light, Dark and Neutral. Since an Attribute can be either hostile or friendly to another, you can make use of this characteristic in battles by the counter rules.

Moreover, the Attributes also affect the style of the skills, which will be revealed later in the PvP Full Mode.

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Counter rules:


Each Meeb has a different purity rate, which is determined by the number of body parts that share the same Attributes. A neutral Meeb does not have purity rate.

The higher the Purity of the Meeb, the stronger and more complex skills it will have.

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Body parts

A Meeb possesses 8 parts (Body, Eye, Mouth, Horn, Arm, Hair, Wing, Tail), which have their own attributes, levels and passives.

With each different body part (except the Body), a Meeb receives specific bonus points for its overall stats. The Body only provides the Role of the Meeb.


A Meeb’s overall level is the highest level of any body parts of that Meeb.

The bonus points of each body part will be multiplied based on its level.

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A Meeb plays 1 of 7 roles, including Tanker, Mage, Assassin, Supporter, Hunter, Fighter, Conjurer, which is determined by its body.

Based on their own dominant traits and basic statistics systems of each role, you can have different strategies to form your teams in combat.

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Stats System

Each Meeb has a different system of basic stats, which consists of Main Stats and Other Stats.

Main Stats

The Main Stats include HP, Attack, Skill Attack, Speed, Critical, Critical Damage.

The Normal Attack of the Meebs is influenced by the Attack.

The Critical Attack of the Meebs is affected by the Attack and Critical Damage.

The Skills Attack is controlled by the Skill Attack stats.

The Attack Order in PvP is determined by the Speed.

Note: Each stat of the system plays its own role and there are many other factors contributing to the power of a Meeb. Thus, you should look at the whole picture instead of just one or two stats to determine if a Meeb is stronger than the others. Most importantly, you need to create specific strategies that match your Meebs.

Other Stats

The Other Stats include Energy, AFK Stat, Luck, Productivity, which will be used in the following specific cases:

  • AFK Stats: boost AFK earnings
  • Luck: boost Gaming rewards
  • Productivity: boost Farming
  • Energy: energy bar in PvP

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Meeb Trainers, we hope that this article will provide you with an insight of your Meebs.

After receiving your dedicated feedback, we are now building a Meeb Master Full Wiki to show you the data and formula so that you can understand your Meebs even more.

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Meebs are alien creatures brought to the Earth when a meteorite carrying Meeb eggs hit the planet. Soon, they thrived as if on their native planet. Meebs possess super power, making them useful but dangerous. As Meeb trainers, players can collect, tame and train wild Meebs, which are alien creatures, to make them more powerful. Each Meeb has a set of in-game and out-game statistics to indicate their abilities and distinguish their attribute, role and skill. The more powerful abilities a Meeb possesses, the higher chance to win a battle.
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